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Combining Cyber insurance & Cybersecurity is the focus for Amplify Intelligence & Gallagher at Cyberweek 2020


Gallagher partners with Amplify Intelligence to provide an exclusive

 opportunity to access their cyber-safety service.

Amplify Intelligence, leaders in SME cyber security services have partnered with Gallagher, helping to detect threats and manage cyber risk.

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, September 17, 2020: Recognising the value of the partnership between Amplify Intelligence and Gallagher to measure cyber risks derived from critical datasets, AustCyber awarded funding to this project as part of their $15 million Projects Fund, a three-year initiative designed to help the Australian cyber security industry grow and take ideas globally.

Amplify Intelligence’s partnership with Gallagher to improve cyber solutions for the insurance industry will enable them to provide a limited number of eligible clients with access to this Australian technology.

'We’re starting to see criminals move away from attacking larger organisations that present more complex defence mechanisms and instead target SMEs...'”[1]

Ben Richardson

QBE Cyber and Technology Specialist

Founded in 2017, Amplify Intelligence Ltd has taken the cyber risk world by storm with the introduction of its cyber safety service. 

Its amazing brAIn-box device observes and provides:

  •  Network security monitoring;
  •  Vulnerability scanning;
  •  Global threat intelligence;
  •  AI.

It also brings security awareness, phishing simulations and recommends security policies to business owners. Amplify Intelligence bundles it all together. Simplifying the complex world of cyber security and letting businesses focus on their customers.

Globally a cyber attack is launched every 39 seconds, cyber-criminals are continually seeking new ways into your system. Being reliant only on firewalls and antivirus protection is no longer enough. Malware is constantly evolving and can now detect exposed business computers and infect them without a human being involved.

Once infected, it can operate in a manner undetectable to security such as Anti-Virus. 

Amplify Intelligence provides small to medium sized businesses a bank-grade cyber security multi-tool. Cybercriminals are the biggest innovators in the cyber security game. Cyber scoring or web scans are useful only for the business’s external security but fail to protect inside.

They often provide a false sense of security with such a narrow view of your risk exposure. Although the checks can identify some of the risks present in your website, and its configuration of your web domain.

With attacks quickly evolving, these are no longer able to protect you. 

It may give you a long, confusing list of changes without any prioritisation to ensure you get the best bang for your time. The brAIn-box device, however, looks for suspicious variations in network behaviour and raises the flag if it notices something to be worried about. Unlike anti-virus or endpoint security, it cannot be tampered with by cyber criminals.

Amplify Intelligence use AI to analyse your network behaviour combined with threat intelligence and vulnerability information creating a tailored prioritised list easy to follow actionable steps to make you safe. A strong cyber security system has multiple layers of protection that spread across the entire organisation; it’s computers, devices, networks and programs.

Amplify Intelligence partnered with Gallagher, brings the next level of risk mitigation and cyber insurance cover to their clients.

“We provide bank-grade cyber security service and Gallagher brings cyber insurance into the mix. Until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive risk management solution for businesses.” Paul Byrne - Founder and CEO of Amplify Intelligence.

Paul Byrne

We provide bank-grade cyber security service and Gallagher brings cyber insurance into the mix. Until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive risk management solution for businesses

Founder and CEO of Amplify Intelligence

By itself, cyber security can't guarantee the protection of your organisation or information from cyber-criminals. Cyber insurance can keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur. Gallagher provides cyber insurance solutions tailored to your organisation and its unique risk profile. Combining these two strategies means you get the best of both worlds,

Currently, cybercrime will cost the business world over USD $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from USD $3 trillion in 2015. The global Cyber Insurance market size in 2020 was USD 5.3 Billion, showing that businesses are significantly under-insuring this risk.

Ransomware Was the Top Cyber Insurance Claim in Q1 2020

  • Ransomware retakes the lead (from business email compromise) as the top cyber insurance claim the first half of the year.
  • Analysts observed a 47% increase in the severity of ransomware attacks, on top of a 100% increase from 2019 to Q1 2020
  • Ransomware (41%), funds transfer loss (27%), and business email compromise incidents (19%) were the most frequent types of loss



Reduce your risk, maintain a connected and online organisation by contacting either Amplify Intelligence or Gallagher.