Cyber Security Policies and Training

Your team play a huge role in maintaining a robust information security management system and minimising your business' cyber risk. Staff need to be fully aware of their responsibilities. They also need to have access to the appropriate training modules and have an easy way to keep up with any changes that may affect their daily routines and tasks. As part of our service, we provide you with a comprehensive range of training materials. From bite-size online training videos, to policy and procedure training documents. We supply everything you need so you can meet your education requirements and help everyone stay on top of their cyber security awareness. 

Security policies make sure that when it comes to the handling, use and storage of business-critical data, all the employees in the business are on the same page. In the event of a cyber attack, they also guarantee that your IT specialists adopt suitable and agreed-upon protocols to safeguard data and minimise infrastructural damage.

Your security policy should be endorsed by your company directors and communicated to each and every one of your staff and contractors explicitly. Security policies should be incorporated directly into the organisation's processes until disseminated and successfully adopted. This can be done through an online portal which allows businesses to record and measure this compliance.

Start with FREE video security awareness training

We've partnered with Wizer-training to offer online video security awareness and privacy training. Wizer-training have a unique approach - breaking complex subject matter into small bite-size modules,  that your team and can absorb more effectively. It's also easier for you to incorporate critical training into staff schedules so they can find the time to meet their training requirements.

We've provided a sample of their video library with a video on Ransomware, insider threat, GDPR and Executive training on Spear Phishing attacks. Wizer-training have created over 20 videos covering all the areas you need to meet your compliance obligations.

Upgrade to 'Business' and benefit from Phishing training, Gamification on key security concepts and Amplify Intelligence's Library of IT Security Policies and procedures.

Training documents and templates

Save the time and trouble of putting training documents together. We provide an extensive and up-to-date library of materials that you can access any time you need to
IT Security Policy Documents

Access a range of templates configured to meet the most common due diligence requirements including:

  • Information Security Policy
  • Access Control Policy 
  • Information classification and handling policy
  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Security Incident Response plan/ Security incident management policy

Staff Training

We provide a number of staff training awareness templates. Our monthly monitoring reports will also highlight where you need to refresh training. As a Amplify Intelligence customer you'll also be able to access online training exercises on specific areas such as:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Global Data Protection Regulations

Make sure you're on top of your training

Get the right insurance cover

There's more to compliance than just regulations, many organisations need their partners and suppliers to have adequate risk management and insurance. With our cyber safety service, you can get the correct cover and potentially lower your premiums.