Sleep well at night?

Don't lose sleep wondering if a hacker will destroy your business. Two out of three small businesses cease to operate after a major hack. We can help you remove cyber risk so that you can focus on doing what you love.

“What I love about Amplify Intelligence is that they are designing the solution for both ease of use as well as being highly effective. It aims to bring the scale and capability of an enterprise to all organisations. We need citizens, consumers and businesses to all be able to access the tools to help them protect themselves.”
James Turner
Senior Advisor for IBRS

Changing the way you manage risk

Are you trapped choosing between either Cyber-security or Insurance? Neither is enough alone, and they never seem to work well together. Now you can have the best of both in one complete and integrated package.

Easy on you. Hard on the Bad Guys

Our fast to setup and simple to use service makes it hard for hackers to get in.

Easy to Install Device

Our brAIn box device arrives in the mail, and you can plugs it in quickly. Get your business risks under control in no time.

Know your Cyber Risks

Get visibility of your business's cyber risks, measure and reduce them through actionable steps, and better protect your business. Observe the threats from actual attacks inside your business.

Community of Defenders

Take advantage of being in a community, where you automatically learn from other's experiences. Enhanced by globally leading cybersecurity experts Join the alliance of companies helping each other stay safe.

Safety Net

We partner with the best global Cyber Insurers. They will provide coverage to ensure your business keeps running and you are not out of pocket, in the event of a cyber breach

Do you want to be Cyber Safe?