Compliance made simple

Meeting the security standards that are part of regulations such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 and NIST is essential if you want to show your clients you have the right kind of Information Security Management System. Our Cyber Safety Service helps you meet those standards with zero-hassle.

In the news, we see nearly constant malicious cyber behaviour, security vulnerabilities, and breaches of privacy. But that only affects major companies, such as Target, Citibank, and Facebook, right? Incorrect. Small companies have their own collection of cybersecurity obligations in an ever-evolving digital world that must be fulfilled in order to do business. This is particularly true with any small company working with the Federal Government, Financial Institutions or for system integrators.

As a small company expands, the need for external resources for fundamental business functions such as payroll, IT, hiring, recruiting, and sales are also increasing. The rising need for cybersecurity is frequently ignored. Small companies will need to find a cybersecurity expertise instead of recruiting a new salesperson who can help demonstrate strong security practices before the company closes on a lucrative contract.

So why are small firms more frequently targeted than bigger companies? Nearly all cyber-attacks are for the purpose of collecting personal details for credit card use or detecting fr Although bigger companies usually have more data to steal, there are fewer secure networks for small businesses, making it easier to break the network. This is why cybercriminals have focused on smaller businesses and regulators and large enterprises are now requiring suppliers to meet the same high standards that they expect for large organisations.

What our customers say

“Thanks to Amplify Intelligence we now have a robust information security management system that allowed us to meet strict client requirements and renew a lucrative contract.”

- Andrew, Director, Regional Business (Property Valuer)

“I saw the Amplify Intelligence reports and the sheer volume of attacks directly on us. To see it as a quantifiable measure of the exposure we had and the intensity of the attacks, made me uncomfortable.”

- Michael, CFO, not-for-profit organisation

Being compliant goes beyond anti-virus software.

When it comes to cyber security and safety compliance requirements, you need the means to run regular security audits on your network, easily identify threats to your security and take timely action whenever it's needed. We've created an Enterprise-level service that allows small business to do all of this so you're covered when it comes to:

  1. 1
    Implementing enterprise-grade security controls that you can measure and use to take action when needed
  2. 2
    Having the correct security policies and procedures in line with compliance standards
  3. 3
    Ensuring staff are up-to-date on their security awareness and privacy training

Meeting Information Security Standards are often included in contractual requirements, particularly with large organisations. With our service, you'll be able to meet enterprise grade security requirements and improve your ability to compete for lucrative contracts.

How we make getting and staying compliant easier for you

Regulations such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST and HIPAA are universal standards that demonstrate businesses have strong cybersecurity practices. The 3 core requirements - documenting security policies procedures,  making sure all staff understand their responsibilities and have access to cyber security training are trained in identifying cyber risks, and finally, implementing sufficient security controls to identify cyber risks as they arise - apply to all businesses. We make sure businesses of any size can meet these requirements.

Security Controls

To be compliant, you must have the means to identify the risks inside your business - that means every IT system you use, not just your website. Critical to achieving this is having core security controls such as security network monitoring and vulnerability scanning so you're not only able to identify vulnerabilities, but have access to simple actionable advice. You must also be able to measure improvements in your cyber risk management. Our monthly report delivers metrics that help you evaluate the effectiveness of your controls.

Policies & documentation

To get certified you'll need to compile a large dossier of policies most of which would require significant security expertise to develop. We've created a suite of bank-grade security policy templates that cover information security, information classification and data handling, data loss cryptographic controls, user acceptance, cyber incident management and response and privacy, to name a few. We're also constantly reviewing these documents so they're always up-to-date.


Staff education is a key requirement particularly for SOC 2. All staff must be fully aware of the role they play in your organisation's cyber security and what practices they must maintain. We provide you with bite-size video training clips, policy documents and training templates that will help you to communicate the necessary information including security roles, responsibilities, and requirements. We also provide alerts on the latest threats targeting your business so you can maintain your team's awareness and education.

Get the right insurance cover

There's more to compliance than just regulations, many organisations need their partners and suppliers to have adequate risk management and insurance. With our cyber safety service, you can get the correct cover and potentially lower your premiums.