Small business = Big cybercrime profit

Large organisations like banks have spent millions on cyber security and are too hard and time consuming for organised cybercriminals to target. Like any business (albeit an illegal one), cyber criminals just want the lowest cost per acquisition targets - you. Small businesses don't have the depth of security or the expertise, worse still, they don't know they need it. This is the perfect opportunity for hackers who have simply switched their big bank tactics and now employ them on smaller, more vulnerable businesses. Just like yours. 

You need the same depth of security that the banks have, so you're equally as tough to target. We can make sure you have it.

How have online threats changed over time?


Hacking as a Hobby

The internet as we now know it, is in its infancy, and hacking is mainly the domain of individuals curious to understand how websites work. Much like graffiti on buildings, hackers are putting their mark on websites and seen as a nuisance rather than a threat.

 2000- 2010

From fame to performance

The introduction of e-commerce in the late 90s gives rise to hackers harvesting financial information. This quickly evolves with hackers working in groups, targeting large organisations such as banks.



The rise of organized cyber crime

Seeing an opportunity, organised crime syndicates shift their focus online. They hire technical talent cheaply to design and build software so they can exploit any online vulnerability for profit. We see the rise of crime-as-a-service making it easy for anyone to steal money online.

Why are SMEs such an easy target?

Business models have changed over the years, and you don't have to conduct your business online to be vulnerable. So many of the services and tools that we use for our day-to-day functions are now software and cloud-based, creating multiple entry points that simply didn't exist a decade ago. Hacking accounts for 45% of security breaches leading to the loss of personal data and security credentials as well as the incidents of hackers running malware and ransomware that disrupts the business and is costly to fix.

SMEs need comprehensive protection

63% of SMEs said their organisation experienced a data breach in the past 12 months

Cybercrime has evolved with the Internet and is no longer the domain of a few individuals or disparate groups. It's big business and you're an easy target. We can help you change that.