Stop Flying Blind

Understand and manage your Cyber risk with ease.

Let us help you focus on what you do best!

World Class Enterprise Cyber Security for Small Business

The Amplify Intelligence “brAIn box” delivers Advanced AI capabilities previously only available to banks and big business. Allowing small and medium business to defend themselves against Cybercrime at a fraction of the cost. Talk to us about how you can get this leading capability at as little as $100/month and meet the requirements of your Cyber Insurance Provider.

 Businesses need a Cyber Angel

Organisations worldwide are facing threats at a speed and aggression never seen before. Large organisations are seeing this impacting the bottom line but for small and medium business this can result in them being put out of business altogether. Small business is facing global threats such as Ransomware, Email Phishing, and invoice fraud as well as hackers stealing customer and staff personal identifiable information.

We have seen the pain, particularly that Small and Medium Enterprises globally have been feeling. Cybercriminals have realised that these companies are an easy target, and have greatly increased attacks. No longer can antivirus and firewalls be the only defence, a new solution is needed that can give advanced AI tools to everyone.

What does Amplify Intelligence’s brAIn box do?

It detects cyber threats or attacks and notifies you of them, enabling you to respond faster.

It filters cybersecurity events and reports on critical risks to your business.

It’s reports are enhanced with AI insights so you can maximise your defense.

We identify your risks without spending a bank’s budget

Amplify Intelligence is not here to take advantage of the fear of cyber threats as many vendors do. Our goal is to enable your business to operate with confidence and do what you do best. As such we provide enterprise security products at a fraction of the cost. So as to only use a small part of a small business’ budget.

This is why we created the “brAIn box”

Our unique approach

Allow you to understand your risks, your vulnerabilities, and how to defend them

Access anytime through leading visualisations to see you current risks whenever and where ever you are – through your laptop, tablet or mobile device

Understand the threats you face. Map the threats to your risks and assets. Identify new and unknown threats through advanced AI and community intelligence.

Painless integration and be on-boarded in as little as 30 minutes through your current cloud infrastructure or a simple plug and play device.