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3 ways that Cybercriminals are Collaborating

We are seeing our customers experience malware (Malicious software like Ransomware or Banking Trojans) that is continuing to bypass their antivirus software (see why in our blog on “Why antivirus fails“). One of the reasons is that criminals are very … Read More

Video with 3 simple tips to prevent hacks

Our CEO Paul Byrne was interviewed by York Butter Factory Ventures on some simple tips for small businesses and startups to help them not get hacked. This is how small businesses move beyond the basics that banks and enterprise businesses … Read More

17 essential security steps for SMBs shared by 21 global experts

Essential Security for SMB shared by Global Experts We have spoken with over 50 experts in the fields of IT Security, Law, Insurance, Business continuity as well as directly with some small businesses themselves to bring you the top 21’s … Read More

Facebook Databreach, how Cambridge Analytica abused Facebook’s API

The ongoing controversy of the US election and the proliferation of fake news on platforms such as Facebook continues. Now we are discovering a Cyber Security and privacy slant, where a UK company, who specialise in changing audience behaviour has been … Read More

Online ads vs getting hacked

Online ads vs getting hacked There is an ongoing challenge for online businesses who depend on website ads for revenue with users being told to protect themselves from malicious websites through using Adblockers. Remote scripts have become a valuable tool … Read More

0 day vulnerability in SAML could lead to your SSO being hacked

0 day vulnerability in SAML could lead to your SSO being hacked A new SAML vulnerability could allow Cybercriminals to hack organisations Single-Sign-On to access private data. A flaw in the SAML protocol which is used by all SSO implementations … Read More

5 reasons why antivirus fails to protect small business

Antivirus fails to protect Small Business for these 5 Reasons All small businesses know they should be using antivirus and this often seen as a good first step to protecting your business from malicious software that will steal money from … Read More