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Our Vision

Amplify Intelligence is building truly intelligent security. Enabling businesses, to protect themselves against the constantly evolving threats in a flexible and cost-effective way.

We see the future of Cyber Security being businesses enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning allowing them to manage their cyber risks without the need for large security teams. Currently, businesses are manually executing with experienced security consultants at great cost or leaving themselves vulnerable.

We do not believe a black box that detects attacks is what will best defend companies as there is a lack of visibility on what is allowed and how it is making decisions on our behalf which creates risks. We see the future as AI working together with a human, with its insights being transparent and reasoning clear so that people and machines can work hand in hand and improve together leveraging each other’s strengths. This also prevents the manipulation of traditional user behavior analytics (UBA) systems by feeding over time behaviours to retrain them to see hacking as normal and allow it..

This is the basis of what we do, using machine learning to amplify the intelligence of your staff. We also see the value of community and forming a view of threats across our amplified community. This allows us to create new detections through analysing a country, region or industry and identifying patterns, before they become attacks across our customers.

We empower organisations to protect themselves, by providing an “AI analyst” for all cybersecurity services and bringing an Artificial Intelligence approach to Cyber Security. We provide consulting to help organisations transform their security capabilities and teams from purely people and tool driven to being data-driven transforming them into a predictive capability rather than reactive one.

We see a real need to give SME’s a capability which matches today’s threats and can adapt and learn new attacks. This is key for small businesses to deal with CyberCrime, something we feel is greatly needed. Although most of our current site is focused on our brAIn box, we also have a virtual appliance and work with large enterprises to deliver the same world-leading Cyber AI analyst through a cloud SAAS model or through helping them build a data-driven security capability internally.

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