About Us

Amplify Intelligence is a world leading cyber security technology organisation. Cyber security defence is a knowledge intensive industry, and this is why we believe in applying AI and machine learning to assist scarce expert defenders in knowledge creation and dissemination.

Amplify Intelligence was founded by a world class team combining potent track records of over 30 years in cyber security, machine learning and technology businesses.  We are united in the vision to bring bank-like cyber defences to small businesses using Human-Centric AI.

Paul Byrne
Founder | CEO
  • Two Decades of experience in the IT Security industry in the world’s most respected security companies.
  • Wide-ranging highly technical security skill-set from penetration testing, red teaming, Cyber Incident Response, Security Monitoring, Cyber Fraud, CyberCrime, Security Application Development, Governance, and Strategy.
  • Global experience from EMEA and US to AsiaPAC and consulted across all industries.
  • Built a number of teams and sustainable business functions in both consulting and within Enterprises for a number of areas of Cyber Security.
Dr Steve Moyle
Founder | CTO
  • Accomplished Cyber Security Entrepreneur previously founder of Secerno (Acquired by Oracle)
  • Oxford researcher/lecturer in Big Data/Machine Learning; 2005-2016
  • Cyber Security research.
  • Working with tech startups as an Advisor
  • Expert in advanced symbolic machine learning and data mining (now big data).
  • Teaching courses on data analytics for more than ten years to both MSc students and industry professionals
Chloe Nottle
Non-Executive Director
  • Over 16 years experience in Cyber Security
  • Experienced Security Researcher who worked extensively on DSTG’s Shapes Vector project. This combined artificial intelligence agents and three-dimensional visualisation.
  • Worked in Security consulting in EMEA and Australia, global capability owner for web application security.
  • Lead development in Cyber Security start-up in Oxford using machine learning to detect attacks on databases.
Dr Penny Moyle
Non-Executive Director
  • Previously CEO Opp Ltd (de-merged and sold to East Coast PE and West Coast Corporate).
  • Executive manager business psychologist/change consultant.
  • PhD Oxford University in Experimental Psychology.
  • Board Member of iPAT, OPP Ltd.
  • Experienced in Research & Product Development, International Business development, governance and business transformation.
  • Experience Executive Coach and Mentor.